IT Lifecycle Services

IT Lifecycle Services (ITLS) is a holistic ‘cradle to grave’ suite of services, that by design is modular in nature.  With a focus to enabling business and delivering desired business outcomes, reducing total acquisition & operational costs, and easing the burden on customer IT departments, ITLS provides value for any organization:

         Procurement: Our partnerships with OEM’s and local channel distribution allow us to strategically source and procure the hardware you need.  With three major channel distribution centers within a few miles of our Ontario, California headquarters, we can swiftly expedite ‘white glove’ and executive level requests.

         Configuration: The heart of ITLS, our configuration services, forms the foundation from which all other end user device services are based.   With approx. 3000 sq. ft. of dedicated space, the configuration center can support projects with daily production volume requirements of just about any size.

    • Image design & engineering
    • Device imaging
    • Secure VPN tunnel setup & domain registration
    • User profile caching
    • Asset tagging / custom labeling
    • Laser etching
    • Hardware installation
    • Inventory reporting

         Logistics & Warehousing: Within our 24,000+- sq. ft. facility, resides highly secured inventory storage cages, isolated zones, state of the art key fob access & restrictions, and HD cameras.  Along with UPS & FedEx shipping integration, our in-house fleet of delivery vehicles and personnel allow expedited ‘white glove’ delivery.

         IMACD: Our expertise in our customer’s environment covers the granular details surrounding Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deployments:

    • PC refresh & managed deployments
    • Onsite installation with best practice cable management
    • User state & data migration
    • In-place OS upgrade/update
    • Customized planning & reporting
    • Simplifying user scheduling
    • Clear & concise communication planning & delivery
    • Dedicated, experienced project management & delivery teams

         Support: Post deployment support is often an underestimated & painstaking function.  Our post deployment services allow customers to focus on their core business, rather than the distractions post support needs bring.

    • Warranty & non-warranty repair
    • Accidental damage
    • Manufacturer claims management
    • RMA management
    • Ticketing system integration
    • Desktop support technicians
    • Post project deployments
    • Equipment retrieval

         EOL: Once your installation/refresh is complete, what’s next? What happens with your legacy equipment? Our end-of-life services expertise simplifies this phase of a technology refresh:

    • De-installation & recovery of legacy equipment
    • Quarantine & secure storage of de-installed equipment
    • Detailed & serialized inventory reporting
    • Dept. of Defense (DoD) data wiping & hard drive shredding
    • Certificate of Destruction & Indemnification
    • ‘Green’ disposal EPA guidelines